Affordable Adirondack Chairs, Rockers, Sets, Swings, Tables And Ottomans

Affordable Adirondack ChairsShopping for affordable Adirondack chairs has never been easier, has many great products to choose from. If you’re looking for a great deal, have a look at our super store. These products make great gifts, and we have a large selection of rockers, swings, tables and ottomans.

Our website is easy to browse, and you’ll find several styles of classic Adirondack furniture, made in the shape and with the comfort that has made it an American tradition for over 100 years. These still-fashionable chairs offer outdoor seating for relaxing at home that lasts for years, with broad plank arms and sturdy backs for your comfort. All our Adirondack furniture is made from durable wood and recycled plastic for strength and support and resistance to the elements.

Adirondack chairs, rockers, sets, swings, tables and ottomans have been around since the early 1900s. Proprietor of the Westport Mountain Spring, Thomas Lee, designed the unusual chair in 1903. He presented the ultimate design for the “Westport plank chair” to Harry Bunnell, a carpenter buddy who was in need of a winter income. The Adirondack style has become the mainstay of garden furniture.What’s made the Adirondack style so popular for so long is how comfortable and smart the furniture is. Unlike the traditional Adirondack chair, which was painted dark green or brown, today you can find Adirondack furniture in an assortment of designs, colors, finishes and materials to go with your individual style. Wooden chairs are tested for sturdiness, warping, rot and insect resistance.

And Adirondack furniture is affordable. While a single swing or rocker might cost you a couple of hundred dollars or more, depending on what you select, the quality and resilience of this furniture is unmatched. In other words, the outlay you make for your swings and rockers today will guarantee that you have attractive, comfortable furnishings years from now.

Affordable Adirondack Chairs and Wood Furniture

Woodworkers and crafters of all proficiency levels can easily construct a sturdy, comfortable Adirondack rocker or lawn chair. If you’ve never built Adirondack rockers or chairs before, plans are easy to find online. Look for a plan with full size patterns, a list of materials, and complete instructions. Some of these Adirondack plans come with extra supplies such as photographs of the building process, construction guidelines, exploded diagrams and more.

Basic pine and regular red oak are not suitable for your Adirondack table or chair because they simply cannot resist the elements. Our ottomans, chairs, rockers etc. are made from alder, a tight-grained hardwood that is used in fine furniture and is well known for its ability to be painted. You can also purchase a set made from western red cedar, a fine-grain, dimensionally stable wood that is naturally weather resistant. This wood is an even red to brown in color, but your sets will lighten to silver gray when used on the outside. We also have products made from cypress, mahogany, pine and recycled plastic.

Have fun shopping for Adirondack furniture, still a classic look seen all through the Northeast, adding timeless grace to several outdoor spaces. Our products include camp tables and side tables, just right for the deck, yard and patio. Our super store features products manufactured with rugged construction for strength and durability, and make wonderful low maintenance gifts.

Are you shopping for patio furniture sets in the Adirondack styling? Make sure you check out our selection of teak, cedar, mahogany and cypress sets, as well as our painted and plastic sets. These choices are great for relaxing with your family on a beautiful day. Browse for your choice, knowing that all our sets are resistant to water, weather and warping, allowing them to withstand season after season of use.

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