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Adirondack Rockers

Relax…get comfortable with an Adirondack style rocker. The Adirondack rocking chair comes in many colors, and you’re sure to find a chair to suit you at HayneedleAdirondack chairs and subsequently Adirondack rockers were invented during the early 1900’s by a vacationer looking ways to furnish his Adirondack retreat. This original Adirondack wood chair, was made of eleven slats of wood, had broad armrests, and was distinctive in that both the seat and back were slanted so that it would sit better on the steep Adirondack mountain terrain.

As with any popular design, designers and craftsmen soon began putting a spin on the Adirondack model, such as doubling it in size, adding rockers to make a rocking chair, and adjusting the shape and design of the back. Today, rocking chairs are manufactured in quite a few woods: pine, oak, cedar, mahogany, cherry and teak. Most Adirondack rocking chairs come unfinished. 

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The Hotel Tennessee Rocker

The Hotel Tennessee Rocker is a line of heirloom-quality rocking chairs that you can get pleasure from on your own porch. This is the kind of rocker that is at home both in fine traditional homes and in an Adirondack mountain lodge.  Superior construction and a first-class finish guarantee that these rockers will keep their beauty for years to come. 

As lodge keepers in the West’s national parks and the Adirondack Mountains have known for years, the rocking chair means relaxation. Look for sturdy construction when buying and Adirondack rocking chair. Also make sure the back of the rocker is high enough for you to sleep in comfortably. Beware of chairs with rockers, or skis, that are short – they will pitch you out.

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