Wooden Adirondack Kids Chairs

Wooden Adirondack Kids Chairs

Are you shopping for wooden Adirondack kids chairs to go with your other Adirondack furniture? You can find an Adirondack kids chairs that are fanciful or traditional in a design to fit your child’s style. Now your child can experience the comfort only Adirondack chairs can bring. Child’s furniture on this site is guaranteed to be long lasting – the chairs are made from solid wood that will last for years to come.

When the family is lounging outdoors, your children will feel special if they have their own kids chair. Our children’s Adirondack chairs are fun and comfortable to sit in. Our kid chair styles are classically designed but give you the opportunity to select a splash of kid color. Now your kids will know what it’s like to unwind in their own Adirondack chair after a long day of play.  We also have child-sized versions of the traditional Adirondack rocking chair for ages two to five.

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Building An Adirondack Style Chair For Your Child

A great looking Adirondack chair for the kids is comfortable as well as easy and affordable to make.

8’ length of 2”x8” pressure treated lumber

12’ length of 2”x4” pressure treated lumber

12’ length of 1”x8” pressure treated lumber

2” and 2½” galvanized screws

Exterior latex paint

Cedar is a great material for these chairs, as it is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. The joinery for the child chair is very simple. All the joints of the chair are screwed together with galvanized deck screws. The chairs screws are set into counter bored holes and covered with cedar plugs that are glued into place. For additional strength, use polyurethane glue in addition to the screws to hold your chair together.

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